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Founded in 1902, Fluminense Football Club was the first Brazilian club to carry football in its name and has become one of the most popular in the country. A pioneer in sports, Fluminense FC spearheaded the creation of football leagues and tournaments, which influenced the formation of new teams and of the Brazilian National Team - the Seleção.  The historical Laranjeiras Stadium, inaugurated in 1919, was essential for making football popular in Brazil. In 1949, the International Olympic Committee recognized Fluminense FC as the most complete sports institution in the world, honoring the club with the Olympic Cup. The World Club Championship of 1952 and 5 national championships are among Fluminense FC’s most important conquers. As said by playwright Nelson Rodrigues, "you can't walk around Fluminense without stumbling into glory”.

Historical Facts

Some Football Facts

  • Initiators of Football in Rio de Janeiro
  • The Brazilian National Squad was born in our home ground, and its first goal was scored by a Fluminense player (1914)
  • First Football Stadium in South America – Laranjeiras Stadium (1919), built with the members’ own resources to host the first Continental Competition between countries: the South American Championship.
  • Founder of the first Brazilian Sports Confederation (CBD)
  • The First Brazilian World Cup goal was scored by a Fluminense player (Uruguay, 1930)
  • Leader of the movement that made Football a Professional Sport (1933), promoting social inclusion through sports.

Some facts in other sports and culture

  • First Brazilian Olympic Medal won by a Fluminense athlete (Antwerp 1920 – Shooting)
  • Only football club in the World to be honoured with the IOC’s Olympic Cup (1949)
  • Host to some of Rio de Janeiro’s most important social and cultural events in 20th Century
  • Laranjeiras Stadium and Club is part of the Brazilian Cultural Heritage

Club Legends

  • Didi
  • Telê Santana
  • Carlos Alberto
  • Rivellino
  • Paulo Cézar Caju
  • Romerito
  • Washington
  • Assis
  • Romário
  • Marcelo
  • Thiago Silva
  • Conca
  • Deco
  • Fred

Setting the bar high

  • World Club Champions in 1952
  • Brazilian League Champions in1970, 1984, 2010 and 2012
  • Brazilian Cup Champions in 2007
  • Two times Continental runner -up in a row (Libertadores 2008 and Sudamericana 2009)
  • 31 Rio de Janeiro State Championships
  • Over 20 international tournaments trophees
  • U-20 National Champions in 2015
  • One of the best providers for the Brazilian National Youth Squads (U-15 to U-20)
  • Several International Youth Championships - most recently Spax Cup (GER) and Terborg Cup (NED) in 2015

Qualified fan base

  • 5 million fans worldwide
  • 34 000 official members
  • One of the highest fan engagement rates in Brazil
  • Highest rate of fans with college degree in Brazil
  • Brand and partner loyalty
  • Over 1.7 million social media followers

Best fans at the world’s greatest stadium

Maracanã – A modern venue

  • World Cup 2014 main stadium and host of the World Cup Final
  • 2016 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Match capacity: 78.000 seats
  • Over 110 Boxes and 15.000 VIP/Corporate/Premium Seats

Fluminense history in Maracanã

  • Attendence World record in a club match – 177.020 people (1963)
  • More than 1.600 Fluminense matches since 1950
  • Maracanã’s first goal was scored by a Fluminese player (Didi, 1950)
  • Modern Maracanã’s first goal was scored by a Fluminense player (Fred, 2013)

Laranjeiras Historical Stadium and Club

  • Home of the Brazilian National Squad’s inaugural match (1914)
  • First South American Football Stadium, built with own resources (1919)
  • Located in one of the most valued residential regions in Rio de Janeiro (Laranjeiras)
  • Olympic Sports and Social Club with more than 12.000 active members
  • Olympic youth academies in: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor soccer, Roller Skating, Judo, Artistic Gymnastics, Tennis, Shooting, Table Tennis

Fluminense FC Youth Academy: History in the Making

Strategic Overview

  • Vision: To be globally established as one of the best talent providers in the Football Industry, supplying Fluminense’s First Team Squad with top level players, and generating constant business opportunities to enhance the club’s sports and institutional positions.
  • Mission: To apply the state of managerial art together with technical methods to develop the best players and citizens, focused in building up strong human relations as well as business connections, while constantly investing in infrastructural and knowledge improvements.

High performance youth talents

  • 2 recently capped players inBrazilian 2016 Olympics Squad
  • 10 recently capped players in Brazilian U-20 Squad
  • 10 recently capped players in Brazilian U-17 Squad
  • 9 recently capped players in Brazilian U-15 Squad

Fluminense Academy Training Facilities

  • 100.000 m² total area
  • 1 official pitch, 4 training pitches and 1 artificial grass pitch
  • Accomodations (Hotel and Lodge) for 146 youngsters
  • Cafeteria, strength and condition, computer room, auditorium and offices
  • Over 300 young talents being developed

Fluminense Academy Products

  • Fluminense Academy Football/Soccer School - Create your own training school with the best Brazilian Youth Development Know-How
  • Fluminense Academy Training Camp - Combine high performance training and football methodology in a remarkable experience
  • Fluminense Academy Exchange - Take your team to Rio for a full training period at Fluminense Youth Academy      

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